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Most people will never consult an attorney in their lifetime. That's because most people only see a Hawaii lawyer when they are in trouble. This web page reviews a few legal problems commonly uncovered by legal checkups. A Hawaii lawyer can perform a legal checkup with you by reviewing your family situation, tax returns, wills or trusts and business documents and suggest remedial action, if necessary. At our Hawaii (HI) legal firm, your first legal checkup takes one hour and is always complimentary. For your convenience, we have two locations, downtown Honolul, Hawaii and Hawaii Kai, Hawaii.

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The price of procrastination or ignoring a legal problem can be costly. Legal claims arising from personal injury or contract disputes must be filed promptly to avoid the loss of the claim due to the statute of limitations. Failure to do timely tax returns or settle disputes with the IRS or state can cost a taxpayer a fortune in interest and penalties. The absence of a simple power of attorney can lead to a costly guardianship proceeding. Not having a will or trust can cost heirs thousands of dollars in unnecessary probate fees and estate taxes. The cost of inaction is always sudden, unexpected and often catastrophic. Please consult your Honolulu, Hawaii (HI) lawyers.
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